Dominican Gold Fruit Pineapples

Dominican Gold Fruit Pineapples

Whole year round we can supply the special selected Dominican Gold Fruit Pineapples. Only the best quality pineapples are good enough to get the Dominican Gold Fruit stamp.

Dominican Gold Fruit Pineapples are available for export via refrigerated containers and Air freight.

10 Health Benefits of a Dominican Gold Fruit Pineapple:

  1. Rich in Fiber, Helps in Regulating Digestion.
  2. Calcium & Manganese Make Bones & Teeths Stronger.
  3. Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin c, fights against viruses.
  4. Neutralizes Acidity.
  5. Keeps Gums Healthy & Strong.
  6. Prevents Muscular Degenration.
  7. Reduces Pain of Arthritis.
  8. Reduces Pain in arthritis.
  9. Beta Carotene, Improves Eyesight.
  10. Contains Phosphorus & Potasssium.

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